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New M O O N in Taurus : Do your Best | Manifest workshop today + Yoga & Surf Retreat in May.

April 26th, 2017, Issue #29

Tauro es la esencia de las cosas lindas y perfectas, no porque algo no lo sea, pero Tauro se encarga de que tengamos las ganas y la necesidad de rodearnos de cosas agradables, pero tambien como Tauro viene de la tierra y es un torito bien cabezoncito…. Tauro nosh ace travajar en esas afirmaciones Viejas que nos impiden creer que somos capaces de todo lo que nos imaginamos.Casualmente mi luna es en tauro, y siempre recuerdo a una amiga astrologa que me dijo ah wao ! por eso te salvaste tú ! Jaja pero en verdad ahora lo entiendo y tiene razón. Tauro es el signo de las raices, el primer signo de tierra del horoscopo y es el que trae tambien en sí la disciplina y las ganas de ponernos pilas en muchos sectores de nuestra vida. Y claro, por eso tambien se siente asi medio pesado, porque Tauro, aparte de ser tierra, quiere que las cosas salgan bien, y es mas metodico y por ende mas lento (porque quiere cersiorarse que todo salga bien) que el aire, el agua o el fuego que es de donde veniamos.

Y como todo en esta vida es energia y tiene dos cualidades, tauro cuando se enferma es porque suele ser testarudo, porque como es terreste le cuesta creer mas alla de lo que ve. PERO GOOD NEWS es que justo esta luna nos lleva a ver ese otro lado y por esa razón debemos trabajar en la esencia – para ver esa magia que esta luna nos revela y que ahora mismo lo mejor que podemos hacer es respetar nuestra vulnerabilidad e ir hacia dentro, donde podremos realmente florecer.
Blessings y Feliz Nueva llena de Manifestación !

Taurus is the energy of the beautiful and perfect things, not because all things aren’t, but because Taurus makes sure that we have the will and need to surround ourselves with pleasant things, but since Taurus is an earth sign y and it’s a cutie pie bull with a hard head… we need to deal during this season with our deep ingrained believes and stories, and set free, believe, vibrate the truth: which is that we can absolutely do everything we want!

Funny enough my Moon is in Taurus and once a dear friend told me! ¨Oh Wow Katherine this is what saves you ¨HAHA I think I tried to get it as a compliment and although she meant that my airiness is sometimes confusing, Taurus brings all of that into discipline and it accentuates our will power to do the lists and get the things done – RIGHT.

And just because everything is energy and it has all the aspects of it, Taurus can also get into trouble specially because it’s a sign prone to be very earthy and struggles to see beyond what the eyes see. GOOD NEWS though is that this is exactly what we will work on and manifest as magic, but we gotta do the work. Respect your vulnerability these days and choose to go within – and not without.

Blessings and Happy Manifestation day !

The Stars this Week:

Taurus New Moon: Sometimes only the BEST will do

¨The April 2017 New Moon will highlight the sign that loves the finer side of life most – Taurus (6° ♉ 27). It will take place on April 26th, 2017 (8:16AM EST / 5:16AM PST) and bring the sign that loves all things good and great front and center. There are some exciting possibilities that will come along for this New Moon ride—but I say that with a grain of salt. My reason is because Taurus isn’t one to dream about the possibilities. It’s a sign that needs something concrete in order to believe that anything is possible.

The April New Moon, however, may be just the ticket to prove that notion …”


Mujeres de la Luna

Our Mantra Today

Heart (Pure Love Manifested) CHAKRA:

The more we share of ourselves today the more we open up moments of awakening that can feel like a transformation or purification of our circumstances.

#SPIRITUAL wisdom:

By Madisyn Taylor

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is :-

The Woman Of Samaria At The Ancestral Well

This Sabian draws upon the Christian story of when Jesus spoke to the Woman of Samaria, showing her how she could quench her spiritual thirst by accepting him as the son of God. It is a reminder that even when we have the basics in life, we can still experience lack if we feel spiritually unfulfilled. During this lunation, we are asked to draw from the endless inner source of joy within and reconnect with our core values which filter through every aspect of our lives. Our beliefs can either fertilise the soil in our metaphorical garden or drain it, leaving it barren. Venus in oceanic Pisces is sextile Grain Goddess Ceres; the more compassion we have, the more love grows.

Read More 

Organize your stomach

How to lose weight
by simply organizing your
kitchen 🙂

Since Taurus asks from us to organize and surround ourselves by pretty things that also feel good (Imagine all the dinners you enjoy, the soft and nice smelling blankets, and so on) there is also a side of us that could really benefit by learning how to eat well and organizing your budget so that you dont end up overwheling your self even more.

You can truly save money, eat well and feel great ! And if you dont have the $ or time, just read these 5 Tried and tested one, number 1 es mi favorita !

1. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

Look, we’ve all been there and it’s a mildly scary place to be. Don’t do it! Eat at home, carry snacks in your car, or even have dinner at the grocery store itself before perusing the aisles. This will save you time, money, and calories!

*Enjoy & Be Love (Click the Image for Full Story)

Yoga & Surf TRIPIN’
Venao. May 6-12th. 2017

Yoga & Surf Retreat

“Prosperity is like a rosebud. As it expresses its true nature, its fragrance attracts all.”
— Yogi Bhajan


A n e w  moon ☽ ritual for tonight & these coming days

Work on your Throat Chakra

Taurus works directly with the voice, I assume that because taurus rules the beauty of the senses ‘ Taurus loves poetry, beautiful stories and vibrations!

So a perfect way to nurture your Heart these days is to sing, we love using mantras because of its amazing effect in our whole way of feeling, truly for me there is a mantra for everything , one of my favorite mantras specially for New Moon Manifestation is bellow click on it and take your time to FEEL▽.

﹋﹌♂♀ ♥♡☜☞☎ ☏⊙◎☺☻

When you are shut down, the electromagnetic field around the heart can contract. I have found that the meditation helps to ground and elevate the heart. After some time, you can feel the heart filling into the aura and surrounding you with love.

Meditation for Trust:
Sit in easy pose. Life the arms up over the with the right palm over the left for males and left palm over the right for females. Thumbs are touching. The palms are down and over the crown area with the elbows slightly bent.
Whisper Wahe Guru with the eyes slightly open and gazing at the upper lip.
Meditate for 11 minutes.

⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜

We took the best articles and tools here for you so that you can take advantage in the best way of this great period.

N A M A S T E,

The Yorepa Team

Music for Daily Rituals

¨Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe¨
Lao Tzu

I am super taking down the Notes this time with a mantra to break free. Om Namo Narayani has been my mantra for the past month, we will sing it tomorrow, but you can also meditate to its sound…

Tune In


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