MARCH 8th-14th, 2020


Divine Sister,

For far too long women have been limited to two socially acceptable archetypes: The Virgin (the good girl) and the Mother (nurturing, loving, protective, and selfless) with no room for anything in between. Women are either Madonnas or whores. Good girls or bitches. Holy or Witches.

The hangover of this has resulted in us doing our best to fit in into these two acceptable archetypes and feeling shameful for the bits that spill over the edges.

We cannot truly be free if we are shameful storing parts of ourselves in hiding.

Harmonize is a Retreat for that Wild Woman in you that is ready to come out and play on the islands of Bocas del Toro, Panama 

It is not possible to be the good girl all the time, It’s not healthy either. When we attempt to do so we cut ourselves off from the potent power of being a woman. The world needs more women, and fewer little girls.

Imagine  bringing out into the open nature of all  our fear and shame and see ourselves raw, wild, crazy, completely NATURAL Shakti energy in all of our embodiments and expressions: AS SACRED.

Imagine what happens when you reclaim the dark parts of the lunar cycle and create space for all HER to be here – to embrace the fierce Kali, Durga, Lalita parts of our feminine nature?

Welcome to Harmonize!

Katherine Croston
Leah Grillo

Kundalini, Hatha & Native Spirit Healing


Jungle Hikes, Cacao Ceremonies, Healing Sessions


Katherine and Leah have been holding Sacred Women’s Circles in Encinitas, California and cannot wait to weave together with you a new way of being, more harmonic with our surroundings, with our nature, with our mother.

Our healing is together, and it is so beautiful to see you grow, to see us come together for sweeter growth.

We women are the only vehicle to experience this human form. We are the sacred containers of information and creation.

Please learn more About Leah on her instagram: @leahlivefree and Katherine : @theyogaloveproject

We will also have other women weaving from Panama, offering sacred ceremonies, tales from the land & cooking for us.

It will be special to have you here with us,

Sweet Whispers of Love & Healing.






$2222/pp Solo Suite for You / Deposit $500

*Email love@yorepa.com for rates shorter than a week!

More pricing information


OceanFront Accomodation

Stay with us in the Caribbean and wake up to the sounds of birds and monkeys, or some day to a tropical rain. This is a beautiful rainforest sustainable home where all our nourishments will be served.

Luscious Vegan Food

Farm to Table Vegan Food cooked by amazing Panamanian Chef Sara Borrero. A great leader and young female who will also add flow to our gathering.

Cacao Ceremonies

Bocas del Toro Harvested Cacao comes from a Tribe of Native Females, and ceremony led by local Carolina Lescure. A beautiful healer and bright light for the island of Bocas and the female empowerment,

Island Immersion

Bocas is an Archipielago of 250 islands. Many are tiny, others are big but they are all incredibly magical and filled with native divine energies. This is a journey into different islands.

Healing Sessions

There will be at least two healing sessions per day, plus Yoga and much exploration through Fun, Music, Nature, Ocean, Native Rites & More.


You will have your own personal bike for a week to explore the surroundings, go to town whenever you like or maybe get lost in a Caribbean beach and take time to integrate your experience in nature.


Healing element of the Gods. Purified Water will always be available for you at Home. Bring Your Own Bottle, or Get one Here.

National Flight

The Goddess in You will cover her flight to Panama City (PTY) and from there you will transfer yourself to Albrook National airport, where your flight is covered by us (We coordinate this together)


Expect Tons of Surprises! We like to to tell you what is included to add value to what you are investing on dear sister. But we will always drop in some magic and take you to a magical waterfall.


Tell me what makes you weary
Tell me what lights up your eyes
I’ll meet you there in the middle
We’ll lay down and harmonize
Tell me what makes you peaceful
Tell me what you fantasize
I’ll take an oath in the moonlight
We’ll lay down and harmonize
I’m awake for you
Tell me what keeps you honest
Tell me what keeps you inspired
I’ll always come in the morning
We’ll lay down and harmonize
Tell me what moves you ready
Tell me what moves your insides
I’ll bring the soul bring it steady
We’ll lay down and harmonize
I’m awake for you


You will book your international flight to Panama City PTY and we will help you coordinate your national flight ( which is included in your trip package) from Panama City to Bocas del Toro.

As you arrive. Take time to unplug, Unplug sweetly from your children, your partner, your business partners, gently say bye to them and excited to know you will be back more present, more joyful and resourceful to them. And this is you showing up for your loved ones, showing by example how to take care of themselves, by you doing it with yourself!. It takes courage to love like that. So seriously, YOU ARE SO aligned and divine, Thanks…

This is a check-in day, sweet and soft arrivals to this island. Embrace the journey as much as the destination they say. Check -in is at 3:00 PM. If you arrive before, we will come meet you and go to a tea house or shop around before Check-in time.

We will allow a few hours upon check-in to make yourself comfortable, meet other retreat goddesses or just drink some coconut water. At around sunset, we will celebrate the first opening circle, together with sacred sounds-air, fire, water and dance.

Opening Dinner and Cacao will be served …. Welcome Diva !


It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Only some places around the world keep this particular atmosphere, seductive, primitive and unforgettable. Bocas del Toro captivates its visitors because of its amazing vegetation, its biodiversity, its ancients customs: it is a real biological fantasy…

This is the ideal moment to visit these islands, to time travel and get lost in one of the hundreds of wonderful places that you can enjoy. It is a unique place to find yourself; its lush tropical vegetation, fauna only found in this part of the world, opportunities for diving and snorkeling the unbeatable Caribbean ocean, the possibilities and opportunities for an amazing experience are unbound. With an indescribable and overwhelming natural beauty, added to the great combination of races and ethnicities, living in harmony with indigenous, Western Caribe peoples, Latino’s and extraneros, Bocas del Toro is not just a beautiful archipelago lost in time, blessed by nature — Bocas del Toro is an example of coexistence and multi-cultural respect for everyone. Welcome to Bocas del Toro archipelago …..you will be amused and amazed, tempted beyond belief and for certain you will to take with you priceless memories of a different world. Enjoy your life….. Enjoy Bocas del Toro! Welcome to an unforgettable vacation.

For more info bocasdeltoro.travel



Casa Comunal is home.  Nestled directly upon the lush shores of the Caribbean and a ten minute walk from the best and most consistent breaks in Bocas del Toro, this warm and inviting space was designed respectfully of its environment with the intent to promote shared learning, spirited interaction and above all, human connection.  It is a place where bonds are formed so strongly within that they benefit the local community outside. 

If sun, surf, and socializing are part of your vacation agenda, then put Casa Comunal at the top of your list for places to visit. Situated on an idyllic Caribbean shoreline on Isla Colon, the largest and northernmost island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago in Panama, the modern vacation house enjoys a private beachfront with ample access to the outdoors.

$2222/pp Solo Suite for You / Deposit $500

To book retreat make $500 deposit through PayPal to secure your spot OR through Venmo: @sacredivination


Wire transfer is also available at:

Katherine Croston
Savings Account

The remaining balance is due two months in advance.

Cancellation Policy – Read Carefully

If you cancel your registration 3 months before, your payment will be refunded.

If you cancel your registration 2 months before, we will refund 50% of your payment.

Within the same month, all payments are final and will not be refunded.

For more questions ask us to our email


YOGA Retreats in Panama reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of YOGA Retreats in Panama (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups) we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds.


Healthy, delicious vegetarian, 100% organic & local Juices & meals will be provided using locally grown organic fruit and vegetables on every yoga retreat. Health and nutrition expert including Katherine Croston, part of the Yoga Retreats in Panama team will create the recipes used during this Retreat. All meals are based on the principles of good nutrition, health and good taste.

There is no meat or fish on the yoga retreats menu. All the food is vegetarian although we are open to accommodate different diet needs upon requests, please let us know about your needs. We use seasonal and local products that you will be amazed at, so we do not have a specific menu to offer before retreat… but you can trust us on this one that it will be a very important part of retreat ! YUM.

February is one of the most beautiful months in Panama, at the highest peak of the summer and although that sounds like lots of harsh sun, bocas keeps its tropical climate almost year round and you could still enjoy some cooling rains while your visit.

Good Waves are also character of this season, in case you are interested in learning how to surf we have good recommendations for teachers and surf schools and the best is that we are beach front to the BEST beginner to intermediate surf spot in the whole archipelago !. If Surf is not your thing, there are endless other things to do like Jungle Hikes, Visit the Main Island for Good Handmade Cuties or even visiting the Native Tribes that we work with through our Non Profit, Give and Surf 🙂

We can’t wait to see you and share some many new adventures with you. Namaste!

* March is also High Season in Panama, so make sure to reserve your spot with time :).

One of the best ways to explore Isla Colón is by ATV/quad bike, and the people at Flying Pirates, based on their own 600-hecatre finca (farm) on the way to Playa Bluff, can oblige. They rent out more than 30 of the fat-tired vehicles for use on or off-road, including 15km of trails on private land. The beach is off-limits.

You’ll be transported to and from downtown Bocas. There’s an information and booking truck in the center. Free beers and hot showers included after your day out.

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This Spanish-language school, with branches in Boquete and Panama City, has a solid reputation. It offers a Spanish for Travelers course that lasts four hours and costs US$55. Classrooms are air-conditioned. Special rates available on lodging in its own dorms and in private rooms with host families.

Read More

Give and Surf directly serves a population of over five hundred Ngobe community members living in the communities of Bahia Roja, Bahia Honda, and Solarte. These impoverished, remote communities survive mainly off subsistence living without electricity, running water, clean drinking water, and bathroom facilities. The area is provided insufficient government education for grades 1st-6th and has a limited number of resources and opportunities for prosperity.

For these reasons Give & Surf aims to provide substantive, hands-on, real world assistance and programs to a hundred and thirty children ages three to sixteen. Give & Surf has constructed and developed two schools in Bahia Honda and Bahia Roja that provide the following: a daily preschool and kindergarten, summer school, surf outreach mentorship program, after school program, Adult and Elementary School english programs, music program, and community development initiatives. Give & Surf and its supporters also sponsor the continued education of thirty students through a sponsorship program that provides the necessary transportation and school supplies needs of students ages 13-18.

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Island Hop for a Few Days or More

Since Bocas it’s an archipelago and there are tons of things to do around the different islands, we truly recommend that if you are staying longer to take a day or two to island hop. Did you know that the majority of the locals know how to drive boats but very few drive cars? So Cool !

Destinations include Isla Carenero (US$1), Isla Bastimentos and Isla Solarte (US$5) and Red Frog Beach (US$8). Scheduled boats leave for Almirante (20 minutes, US$6) every half-hour. Staff is trained in safe boating and sustainable-tourism practices.

Reads More

While Bocas it’s a pretty small place to be, there are so many GOOD and varied options to eat out and most of them you will find to be absolutely different and in gorgeous settings.


One of the best restaurants in Bocas town, this mellow North American–run place on the edge of the sea specializes in Caribbean and seafood dishes, with fare such as red curry calamari and miso-crusted grouper on the chalkboard. Service is friendly and the tranquil location makes it a great spot for a quiet, romantic dinner.

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