Manifesting a Miracle : Here is how | Give the Gift of an Experience | January 2017 Group Cleanse

Thursday, January 5th 2017

We made it ! Your 2017 Intentions will become as Real as you Trust them to Be and we are here to help you through. Om Shanti

Miracles come from Love, are created by love, and are magnetized to you through love. Think of a miracle you created for someone else. Perhaps you gave someone something very valuable to hium or her that you knew he or she needed. Remember the sense of love you felt for that other person. The miracle came from the love within you and gave you love also. The other person had to be willing to receive your gift for there to be a completion of the energy. If he or she hadnt been able to receive, there would have been no miracle. YOU NEED TO BE OPEN TE RECEIVE before the universe can bring you miracles.

When you want to receive or give love and miracles, all you need to do is intend to do so. reach for the highest and biggest vision; create quality in your experience. Each one of you is a bundle of loving energy, capable of creating anything you choose. Miracles come from love. If you are willing to open your heart, to love yourself and others, life will always be a miracle. The degree to which you are open and loving is the degree to which miracles will come your way.

You may have seen  the parents of a child with physical or mental problems produce miraculous results through their love for the child, overcoming handicaps that were supposedly not medically curable. Miracles happen when you are willing to receive and give love. A miracle is a demosntration from the universe and your soul of their love for you. If there is anything you want, use your mind to visualize it, and then open your heart.

Affirmation ( Repeat this as much as you can this week )
¨ I demonstrate love with action every day ¨

Our 2017 Calendar

Gratitude is the highest of attitudes !

“I feel so grateful to have met you all and to have spent an incredible week surrounded with love, beauty, and song! What a delicious retreat and opportunity to reconnect with Source!
Thank you everyone for creating this experience, and especially to our facilitators, hosts, and teachers, Katherine, Neil, Kasia, Brian, David, and EcoVenao!”


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AWAKEN TO BLISS: A Yoga Retreat in Bluff Beach with Culture and Kundalini Shakti

The ideal purpose of life is that you are great and full, that you are alive and you enjoy it! -Yogi Bhajan

Come join us for an incredible Kundalini yoga experience in Bocas del Toro, Panama. Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, through movement, breath, stillness, music and chant we will awaken to bliss and celebrate our greatness by the ocean, under the sun, moon and the stars. YUM !

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10 Heartfelt Gifts for People Who Don’t Need More Stuff

by Jon Gorey

“Sometimes, the gift people want most of all is one of the hardest to come by: They simply want more time with you. It might not seem like a gift — not one you wrap, anyway — but you can package it up as one.

Offer to help a family member with a project around the house, like yard work or building a simple table or bookcase. Treat your mom to coffee or a pedicure and then go for a long walk to catch up. Plan an entire day with someone you don’t get to spend enough time with, doing things you both enjoy or used to do as kids. While you’re with them, keep your focus on them and your time together — leave your phone in your pocket or purse, and enjoy each other’s company.”

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By Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus · Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

“The two of us tend not to accept physical gifts. Sometimes it’s hard to get people to understand this cultural shift. The best way to approach the no-gift-getting concept is to be proactive: we set the expectation with our friends and family we don’t need any more stuff, and if they want to give us gifts, they can get us experiences we will enjoy; they can celebrate our lives with us by spending time with us, not by piling on more stuff.”

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We wish you a year filled with Abundance, Joy and Love : THANK YOU SO MUCH

A little story about living semi Off the Grid

Me and Neil decided to live without a physical house for an entire year, the same year that we decided to get married. Our parents were freaking out a little bit but think about it ! The year that you need to fill yourself with more experiences and less material stimulous is this one right here ! I want to get fully immersed in the person that I love, not neccesarily planning a house.

At least this is what our intuition told us, and thats the most important thing.

The point is … that whatever you want to manifest and if this is serving your higher purpose, you got to TRUST that it will come to you.

Me personally, I love the idea to spend all of that energy with the people that I bring to retreats too, and just live off from community and the exchange of life, from one suitcase to another !.

If you feel like this and you have another suitcase friend in your mind … last minute gifts, this is truly the #bestgiftyouwillevergive PROMISE & Guaranteed your money 🙂 !

We took with people’s approval some of the best reviews that inspired us and might inspire you too 🙂

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This was an amazing experience, I was just looking for nice yoga classes and a week nearby the beach, and got so much more;  new friends, swimming on the ocean, essential oil knowledge and 3 pounds less! and as I said a light heart, problems are still here but they don’t seem so big now.

Thanks Katherine, you were an amazing host, chef, teacher and many things more, Gracias, Gracias, Gracias.

Brian, Kasia you are wonderful and encouraging  teachers and I learned and appreciate Kundalini yoga, even the goofy dance style.

Carolina and Neil, you were always in the background but assuring we all were enjoying our time there.

David N. I have to confess I had no idea who you were but now your songs are in my Spotify list.

Special mention to my roommate, Jamie, girl you rock!

See you all in life!


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NEW M O O N in Capricorn + Manifest your dreams ۞

December 28th, 2016, Issue #21


So we were at our last Thanksgiving Retreat with our beloved David Newman, to be honest, this was our biggest retreat in numbers and the best production we were throwing out there filled with surprises and almost a celebration of 8 years of YOGA in our lives !

I was so nervous though, SO SO SO NERVOUS hahaha and excited, but the days before the retreat I found myself in these negative states judging myself harder by the minute. I realized what I was doing and could hold space for myself through my own practice and the loving awareness I have built for my own shittiness … but still ! By constant affirmations like my favorite “I am loving awareness from Ram Dass” and guidance of my own spirit I could come back to my own self but guess what ? I know I am going to constantly feel good and bad,  and that will not dictate who I will be or if I choose JOY to be my constant state regardless of the situations.  These times are to un-tap the dormant energy, the kundalini, so you can finally take the last leap of faith and grab your BLISS.

I remember on this last retreat, we had the most beautiful times together so filled with tears, heart opening stories, people asking for help, asking to help, great laughters, happiness, full redemption man … so beautiful.

And this is the last song we did together, I want to offer it to you : So you can remember to always choose Beauty

Go in Beauty
Peace be with you
until we meet again
in the light of our hearts.

May peace prevail on earth.



Love & Light,


Dec 28, 2016




Even if you practice yoga regularly, a yoga retreat may not be the first thing you think of when you’re planning a vacation. Simply getting away and spending time in a new place can shift our perspective and lift our spirits — so why a yoga retreat?

By choosing to take a yoga retreat , you make a powerful commitment to yourself. You carve out time to look inward, to listen to and honor your inner voice — which can sometimes be hard to hear in the noise of daily life. You can also take the retreat with you once it ends, in the form of new friends and valuable tools for managing life’s stresses and challenges.

Still wondering if a yoga retreat is the right choice for you? Here are six signs that it could be just what you need.

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September 16th, 2016, Issue #15


My last day in the East Coast was very special. I am not the usual persona that gets nervous when traveling, but that morning I woke up around 6:00 AM and I didn´t hesitate but to walk with my pijamas, grab a mat, and walk to the beach. In the northern hemisphere there is this Fall season shift that you can already feel in your body but also in your soul. As I walked around 6:30 AM to the shore, it was very breezy and cold but there wasn´t a hesitation from my side of what to do. It was almost like a spirit guide was telling me to come to this natural space and ask for blessings before my journey back.

As I placed my mat down, feeling the breeze, the Ocean waves that were very intense and wild at the moment, I also saw that the sun was rising from the East – the same direction my mat was facing. My whole body was covered with goose bumps, and I promise that they didn´t feel like they were coming from the cold weather but more like a feeling of connectedness all around me. I watched the birds walk and fly around me too and then something truly special happened:

As I was doing my yoga in deep awareness, this bird started walking towards me, and looking at me directly. He was bringing a sort of calm and unique feeling, like an old messenger from above. Suddenly other birds started to fly around me and there was this very special one that flew on top of me for a while. I just wanted to share that moment, capture it and make everyone feel what I was feeling! I grabbed my phone and as I tried to video this sunrise with these birds, my phone just died. And lets make it clear that my phone was still full battery from the night.

I knew then that this was not in my imagination but that there was a message and a blessing that couldn´t and shouldn´t be taken away from that moment.

If you read and study about Native Cultures, most of them say that before they started any journey, they would walk to nature and ask for their blessings. Usually animals, carry a very special native spirit guide, and if you learn to observe and listen, there could be an amazing and magical one out there for you.

The Spirit Birds that come from the east bless any journey, ask you to watch every situation from above, and to trust your intuition more than ever. By blessing the land that you are at, once you arrive, during any occasion but also before you depart… you not only receive your Mother´s blessings but also you reunite and Kindle with your Native Spirit.

Wishing observation, wisdom and blessings to you all during this Full Moon.

Love & Light,


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Dec 06, 2016




October 16th, 2016, Issue #16


New Moon’s are times for planning, gathering your seeds, making fertile grounds for planting and then igniting those plans around the times before the full moon sets.

Full Moons though, which is way harder for people I believe, are times for accepting what there is, rejoicing on what we have and make space to realize all the blessings – that are already inside of us.

Literally, cultivating gratitude is the highest of attitudes, and last night was no exception during our Tribal Ceremony. We invite you to do a ritual today that helps you connect and recognise that PERFECT BEING in you and in everybody else though …

As we tune into gratitude, also, we open the doors to real abundance. Thats how the universe works.

Love & Light,


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Dec 06, 2016




November 10th, 2016, Issue #17


A few nights ago, we decided to watch The Secret Movie. To be honest, It was perfect ….

Sometimes life or the universe will bring us things that we have visited already only with the purpose of a specific message that clearly its directed to us.

The Law of Attraction

The Secret is only to let you know that your brain is fed by stories, and you get to choose which ones you will feed yours with.

The Brain does not recognise or label stories. Is not like I am feeling negative and the brain assumes that he shouldnt listen to what you will have to say that day. Every story we decide to entertain wether is possitive or negative is like FOOD for Karma.

So why not, instead of wasting our time making a negative life, focus on the greater outcome of it all.


Now, I know, its easier said than done. The whole thing of being in the right mood is a bit weird, because obviously that we will all have bad days and situations that trigger our negative mind. The whole thing is not fake it or be a poker face.

You can be in your pain, but still dial the right buttons to send the right messages to your Brain. During yoga classes is not uncommon to tell students to smile, even though you are not feeling it. This truly alters your brain chemistry and sends messages of wellbeing and happiness. Regardless.

Everything we say and do is our daily mantra… and as thanksgiving is coming soon our GOAL is to start a little projecr in which we can all start counting our blessings and create a ripple effect with healing and possitiveness for all.

Love & Light,


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Dec 06, 2016




November 22nd, 2016, Issue #18


And the day has come when we all need to start the celebrations with our jobs, families, and friends and the truth is that most of the us start getting anxious more than being happy about it. Do you know why ?Its all realted to Satya or Truthfulness, because in a way we are all like Oh Shit ! Now I need to pretend to be this person with my co-workers for hours at this party, and then with my family I need to pretend that I have it all figured out and the shows goes on and on. And guess what ? That tears us down, of course and you have all the right to feel like that.

How to stay true though? And do I need to hurt people in people on the road to being true ? YES and No.

You can learn that truth doesnt neccesarily need to be violent, but you also need to let go of the idea that its safe.

I will quote Deborah Adele, because she is such a perfect reminder on this Jewel of Yoga.

¨Truth has the power to right wrongs and end sorrows. It is fierce in its demands and magnanimous in its offerings. It invites us to places we rarely frequent and where we seldom know what the outcome will be. If we dont approach truthfulness with our knees knocking, we havent really undesrtood the profoundness of this guideline. We may think that truth means simply notfibbing to our mom when she asks if we ate the forbidden cookie. But truth demands integrity to life and to our own self that is more than not telling a simple lie.

When we are REAL rather than NICE, when we choose self expression over self indulgence, when we choose growth over the need to belong, and when we choose fluidity over rigidity, we begin to understand the deeper dynamics of truthfulness, and we begin to taste the freedom and goodness of this jewel¨

Wishing you all Amazing and full of Freedom holidays.

Love & Light,



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Dec 06, 2016





When we are sick or the body is not functioning optimally, there are always signs.  It’s our job to listen to the body and do what is necessary to promote healing before a more serious condition arises.  Our bodies DEFINITELY tell use when it is time to detox.  Here are some of the clues that we need to pay close attention to:

Chronic skin conditions are an indicator that the largest waste elimination organ of the body is not functioning properly.  The skin removes toxins and liquids daily.  Dull skin is a sign that nutrients are not fully reaching the skin cells because of the toxic state in the body.  Skin irritations are an indicator that waste and toxins are not being removed efficiently.

Mood swings, depression, and irritability can be a regular occurrence when your body is not functioning optimally.  Toxicity can cause hormones to go awry.

If you have “Brain fog”, that is a sign that the body is in a toxic state.  When you experience “brain fog” it is difficult to focus and complete tasks.  A detox will bring the ULTIMATE clarity and the ability to focus easily.

Fatigue, sluggishness, lethargy are all signs that the body is toxic. If you are going to bed at a normal hour, but you still wake up tired, then you need to detox.   If the waste elimination organs are not functioning properly, then body is not removing waste and toxins efficiently which slows the body down. A detox will restore energy, and can eliminate the need for naps.

If you are carrying extra weight and your clothing is suddenly feeling too snug, then you need to detox.  Waste build-up means extra weight.  A good detox will help you to release the waste and WEIGHT.

I hate to say it, but if you smell bad, then you need to detox.  If your underarms are not so fresh, your breath is funky, your urine smells odd, and your bowel movements send everyone running in the opposite direction.  You need to detox!

If you are craving unhealthy foods, then you need to detox.  Unhealthy foods like sweets, caffeine, and processed foods are highly addictive.  The more you eat them, the more your crave them, and the more toxic your body will become.  Youhave to break the cycle by detoxing the body, eliminating the toxins , which ultimately will eliminate the desire to eat the toxic foods

If you are experiencing one or more of these conditions, then it is time to detox your body soon!

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Dec 02, 2016




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