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December 2, 2016





When we are sick or the body is not functioning optimally, there are always signs.  It’s our job to listen to the body and do what is necessary to promote healing before a more serious condition arises.  Our bodies DEFINITELY tell use when it is time to detox.  Here are some of the clues that we need to pay close attention to:

Chronic skin conditions are an indicator that the largest waste elimination organ of the body is not functioning properly.  The skin removes toxins and liquids daily.  Dull skin is a sign that nutrients are not fully reaching the skin cells because of the toxic state in the body.  Skin irritations are an indicator that waste and toxins are not being removed efficiently.

Mood swings, depression, and irritability can be a regular occurrence when your body is not functioning optimally.  Toxicity can cause hormones to go awry.

If you have “Brain fog”, that is a sign that the body is in a toxic state.  When you experience “brain fog” it is difficult to focus and complete tasks.  A detox will bring the ULTIMATE clarity and the ability to focus easily.

Fatigue, sluggishness, lethargy are all signs that the body is toxic. If you are going to bed at a normal hour, but you still wake up tired, then you need to detox.   If the waste elimination organs are not functioning properly, then body is not removing waste and toxins efficiently which slows the body down. A detox will restore energy, and can eliminate the need for naps.

If you are carrying extra weight and your clothing is suddenly feeling too snug, then you need to detox.  Waste build-up means extra weight.  A good detox will help you to release the waste and WEIGHT.

I hate to say it, but if you smell bad, then you need to detox.  If your underarms are not so fresh, your breath is funky, your urine smells odd, and your bowel movements send everyone running in the opposite direction.  You need to detox!

If you are craving unhealthy foods, then you need to detox.  Unhealthy foods like sweets, caffeine, and processed foods are highly addictive.  The more you eat them, the more your crave them, and the more toxic your body will become.  Youhave to break the cycle by detoxing the body, eliminating the toxins , which ultimately will eliminate the desire to eat the toxic foods

If you are experiencing one or more of these conditions, then it is time to detox your body soon!

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