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January 27, 2017




January 27th, 2017, Issue #23


If something is TRUE is that we are all feeling the shift, and when I look around I see dear friends quiting their jobs, relationships being turned upside down or upside-up 🙂 people leaving to other countries or cities, etc. But the whole point is that everyone is being pulled to satisfy their HIGHEST PURPOSE on earth, and even if this is causing tension or maybe the opposite – the release – we should all be aware that this is for our higher GOOD and learn from it all.

There are many explanations and also things that can help us understand a bit better but also tap into these energies of change.

For example, in Kundalini Science we talk about the year of mastery. Yogi Bhajan applies for example numerology, astrology, and sound into the system. As we come to this year 2017 which equals to 10. Number 10 is the Mastery number, so this year is the year of mastery: Of you and your own life.
There comes the times when we all have to look within and finally come to peace with the fact that everything outside is a reflection of us inside, and we must stop wanting and needing other people to satisfy our needs of happiness and love. We can share times with friends and loved ones, but take responsibility for earth, ourselves, and our decisions: This opens amazing doors for abundance, prosperity and freedom. But if we want them, we must create them instead.
Enjoy this issue filled with beautiful & practical exercises for you to do alone or share with your loved ones. We will be sharing here on Retreat.
With Love & Gratitude,



¨The New Moon on Friday 27 January, 2017 is at 8 degrees Aquarius. The New Moon January 2017 astrology is dominated by Venus square Saturn. This puts the focus on any difficulties you are having in your love life or with your financial situation.

New Moon January 27 will increase the nagging or irritating feeling surrounding your particular difficulties. This is final moon phase in the current eclipse cycle which began in September 2016. So that nagging feeling will continue increasing until you take decisive action to fix the problem. Patience and determination are needed with this long running issue into the next eclipse cycle starting with the February 10 Lunar Eclipse.”


Get out and adventure



Love and Kindness keeps us from the Cold


By Ram Dass


At a certain point, you realize that you see only the projections of your own mind. The play of phenomena is a projection of the spirit. The projections are your karma, your curriculum for this incarnation. Everything that’s happening to you is a teaching designed to burn out your stuff, your attachments. Your humanity and all your desires are not some kind of error. They’re integral parts of the journey.

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Raw Tomato Soup


For Lovely MORNINGS …. or evenings. I believe Breakfast should humbly always be served as the MAIN COURSE!

We filled our Cups with some Nature´s Best Goodness here, using our JUICER to Cleanse & the best resources : To satisfy our inner God/Goddess the right way!

Whatever you want to do with this Soup, you can serve this at any time of the day with NO GUILT, SHAME or REGRETS… Always !

Raw Tomato Soup


1 cup tomatoes (chopped)
1/4 cup cashews
1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 small clove garlic
1/2 cup more diced tomatoes (reserve – do not blend)

1. Throw all ingredients (except last 1/2 cup of tomatoes) in a high-speed blender and blend up ’til nice and smooth and well mixed. You can let this raw tomato soup recipe blend in the Vitamix or Blendtec blender for a little extra time so that the heat of the blades and the friction actually warm up this delicious, creamy raw tomato soup recipe.
2. Transfer raw tomato soup to a bowl. Add the remaining 1/2 cup of diced tomatoes and mix gently with a spoon.
3. Garnish the raw tomato soup recipe with sunflower sprouts! Eat immediately.

*Enjoy & Be Love (Click the Image for Full Story)


Bocas for Dreamers


From Attracting Abundance by Sanyan Roman

It is important to receive what you think you are worth, in money or whatever medium is value for you. If you do not value yourself… then how others will ?

Start by Saying Thank You

Repeat 3 Times:

“I appreciate myself. I give thanks for my wonderful life. “

Every time you say “Thank You”to yourself. you scintilla confidence in your ability to create what you want. Begin thanking the universe for every small thing that comes your way, appreciate how far you have come and all that you have already accomplished, and you will overcome your fears and doubts. Give thanks for all the things you have taken for granted — the place you live in, the friends who you love, the food on your table. Do not label what you have now as inadequate, but instead begin thanking the universe for it.

Play sheet Joy and Appreciation

  1. List several ways you might increase Joy in your life.
  2. 2. Pick one of these things. How might you use money as a tool to enhance your joy in this area ?


  1. List at least five things you accomplished last year you feel god about. These can be minor or major accomplishments. You have probably accomplished even more than you realise or have given yourself credit for.
  2. Think of at least five things you are grateful for right now in your life.

Think of at least three people to whom you would like to show your appreciation for their support right now. Be specific about what you would like to do, and then do it.


Heal yourself through BREATH

Increasing your breathing doesnt just saturate your bloodstream with oxygen, thereby expunging diseased material from the body – it also increases the amount of prana in the system. Prana is life force. If you are sick, you’re depleted in life force. Healing isnt just about food molecules and DNA and oxygen, it’s about ptrana. And this is also why deep breathing and breath work so effective in healing the physical and emotional bodies ▽.

﹋﹌♂♀ ♥♡☜☞☎ ☏⊙◎☺☻

Take a Moment to Sit in easy pose with straight spine, hands in gran mudra. Keep the eyes closed, gently focusing up in at the brow point.

Breathe: Normally.

Mental focus: Let all of your attention gather on the breath. Sense the breath as a quality motion. Bring your attention through the 1-inch square above your nose where the eyebrows meet. Then focus your attention through your brow down to the navel point area. Concentrate just bellow the interior of the umbilicus. Feel the motion and life energy of the breath. Visualise the body as luminous. As you inhale, the light increases brightness, extent, and penetration. Let that breath and light merge with the entire Cosmos. Let the breath breathe you. Experience yourself as a unit and the Cosmos as unlimited. Feel that you are part of that vastness. The breath is a wave on a much greater ocean of energy of which you are a part.

 3 to 11 minutes.

⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜⤛ ⤜

We took the best articles and recipes here for you so that you can take advantage in the best way of this great period.

N A M A S T E,

The Yorepa Team


¨Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe¨

Lao Tzu

Take the Cool Vibes of this album and have fun. When you dance to the sounds of Tribal Music, you cal also use that force to free and liberate anything that is unTRUE wich means is not you… 🙂

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