Yoga Retreats in Panama was born six years ago by two best friends who traded in their city lives for the simpler beach life of Pedasi, Panama. As life slowed down a deeper connection to nature, yoga, Panama, and each other developed. The desire to share this bond with close friends evolved from small gatherings to hosting retreats and thus Katherine Croston and Sofia Arias created YOREPA: Yoga Retreats in Panama.

Since day one our essence and purpose has been to develop the person in all of us to be SWEETER, SEXIER and PRESENT after each encounter.

After all the years our essence is the same as our community continues to grow.
Meet our beautiful teachers who will guide you in finding all that you are and have always been: beautiful.




Katherine Croston is a trained Vinyasa and Kundalini teacher as well a certified Health Coach and chef. Kathy’s focus is simple; to show people that their true nature is love and happiness.

She understands that in order to be happy and free that human beings need commitment. A commitment to ourselves to be real, to be true, and to know when to let go of whatever is holding us back from becoming love. She believes in the power of the universe and that it is constantly working in our favor, we just need to align ourselves with it. She describes it as a telephone call, we need to dial the right numbers to get a hold of the right energy, and everything else starts unfolding. Her techniques address Vinyasa style alignment, Bhakti Yoga in its devotion and lessons in love as well as Kundalini yoga for its power for deep transformation and manifesting our highest self. Classes include Asanas (Postures), Mudras (Hand Energetics), Pranayama (Breathing Exercises), and Mantras (Sanskrit Repetition for Transformation).



Kasia Kord (Seva Akal Kaur) is a mother, massage therapist and yogi who has been practicing and exploring various forms of yoga for over 20 years but has found her true passion and home in Kundalini Yoga. Kasia was trained by Gurumuhk Kaur Khalsa and Gurushabd Singh in Rishikesh, India and has been teaching Kundalini in Ontario, Canada for 10 years. She is pleased to share this incredible practice with you! Life is beautiful and kundalini yoga is a direct pathway to realizing and remembering that! Check her out at www.kasiayoga.com



Holistic Esthetician, Massage Therapist, Vegan Chef and Yoga Instructor.

My journey to a healthy self began well over a decade ago when I was a rebellious, angry teenager with a face full of acne. I discovered an interest and curiosity in skin health and skin care as well as massage therapy and felt an intense pull to learn more. As a young person, I was deeply troubled and struggled with everything from severe depression, anxiety, addiction, acne, migraines and an eating disorder. By 18, I knew I wanted to help people feel good and because of my own tremendous suffering, I felt an overwhelming empathy and compassion for the struggles of others. I acquired my massage and esthetics’s licenses and shortly after began my work in the healing arts.

Over the years to follow, I delved into all forms of the healing arts in a desperate attempt to relieve my own personal pain and anguish. Buddhism and yoga became my backbone during one of the hardest times of my entire life. Many times, I would drag my lifeless body and spirit to my alter or my mat for fear that I wouldn’t live through the day if I didn’t. It always pulled me thru but still, I was deeply unhappy and living in straight survival mode every single day. I felt like I had tried everything and I was exhausted and disappointed. To look at me, you would never know the depths of my personal pain…I was the picture of health, but on the inside, I was seething with self hatred. Gripped by abuse and addictions, i was completely disassociated from my true self. Eventually the bottom fell out, all of my coping mechanisms began to fail me and I was forced to reckon with myself.

Utilizing the power of Buddhism and yogic practices to keep me alive, I embarked on an intensive journey back to self. Stepping away from conventional Western philosophy and living, I was able to heal my entire being little by little and bring myself to a state of homeostasis for the first time in my life.

While living abroad in a developing country, I was deeply inspired to pursue an extensive career and personal lifestyle of nutrition and wellness. As a teacher and practitioner of Kriya and Vinyasa, a Buddhist and a serious empath, I have a burning desire to inspire others.

Quantum healing takes place on all levels…mental * spiritual * physical.

We all have the tremendous potential to heal our entire being from the inside out. My greatest joy in life comes from not only providing services to support this process but through educating others and empowering them to become their own healers.



Sofía Arias is an International Life Coach based in Thousand Oaks, California. Her focus is in life transitions, women’s empowerment, health, and purpose. If you’re looking to make change happen and find yourself craving more health, vitality, and creativity in your life, this is your route. Sofia uses tools from her studies with The International Coaching Community in London as well as her health studies in yoga, meditation, nutrition, creative living, and Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling. Besides offering private coaching sessions, she also offers private yoga, yoga therapy, and meditation training.

Sofía takes on different roles depending on what each person needs, especially in her life coaching. She strongly believes in honoring that each person walks a unique path towards healing, balance, and living a thriving lifestyle. Her coaching therefore contains a blend of empowering exercises for the spirit, wellness guidance, mentoring, self-discovery, self-care practices, dancing, dreaming, and much more, all with the intent of moving you towards your highest potential. She will encourage you to do the work to unlock your potential, while supporting you with compassion and the key tools for your success.



Leonela has dedicated her life to work on the dynamics of movement. Her parents encouraged her passion for gymnastics, whose art she rediscovered with the introduction of Yoga. Inspired by Love and energy work, this connection resulted in a multidimensional therapeutic path. She became one of AcroYoga’s youngest certified teachers.

Curious to expand her practice, she also dedicated to the various meditation approaches and Thai Massage therapies. Exploring various styles of these wonderful practices, she feels that expression through movement is liberating and healing. Faithfully believes that each day is a gift and your job is to share this feeling.



Dancer, Massage Therapist, Healer and Yoga Teacher.

Carolina is a bodyworker that has the ability to awake your senses and create inner peace. Her main intention is to connect with others in the heart, balance energies and awake the loving consciousness that exists in all of us.

She is commited to guide and assist people to reconnect with the Divine Source, combining her therapies with several Sacred techniques such as Thai Massage, Reflexology, Dance, Meditation, and she also offers her own healing medicine of Cacao.

She enjoys traveling and finds her passion in promoting awareness of the body, mind and soul connection. She teaches Restorative Yoga, holds Yoga Gatherings for kids and runs Thai Massage, Dance and AcroYoga Workshops.

Release Stress, Energize and Embrace your Uniqueness with CaroLes!




I am a professional wellbeing coach, speaker and writer. I am an accredited naturopathic doctor specializing in Ayurveda and have taught yoga around the world for over 15 years. In 2010, I completed 108 days of 108 sun salutations and then became the first woman to break the Guinness World Record for the longest yoga marathon lasting 32 hours. This initiative made headlines worldwide and raised more than $15,000 for charity.

I am the producer of several top selling yoga videos, audio recordings and the author of Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve toured Canada as a speaker with environmental activist David Suzuki, trained professional athletes and run two successful yoga studios. I travel a lot for work and pleasure, but Panama City, Panama and Montreal, Quebec are my two home bases. In Old Montreal, I have a beautiful 2,o00 sq. ft multi-disciplinary studio called Loft 108, where we host regular workshops, trainings and other special events.

My mission is to inspire and empower people to expand their potential, to reach great heights and to thrive in all areas of life; To supporting entrepreneurs particularly in the wellness industry; To promote environmental sustainability and social justice.



At the age of twenty-one Ciara began a journey of self-development and spiritual awakening, entering a powerful group process of transforming cellular memory where she learnt about the language of energy.  Here she went through, and continues to do so, an unraveling and purification on a deep cellular level. Clearing out old ancestral behavior patterns and fear based cultural conditioning while learning the art of facilitating this powerful process of transformation and awakening.

During the last fifteen years Ciara has attended and completed 3000 hours of intensive training including group therapy and individual counseling.  Here she refined and developed her natural gift of intuition and learnt to guide people to work with and release old behavior patterns and trauma so they can move forward in their life. She continues to train and purify herself along side her work as a respected teacher and healer in her own therapeutic practice.

Ciara is originally from Dublin, Ireland and now lives in Panama with her husband Ted. Their business Deliciously Light offers private counselling sessions, groups workshops, life coaching and relationship guidance.

For further information please visit deliciouslylight.org



Thirteen years ago Ted entered a powerful group training process of clearing out and transforming deep cellular memory and ancestral imprints. This is where Ciara and Ted met and developed their love affair (one of the many perks to this work!). Ted immediately felt that he had found a whole new direction in his life, he had entered a whole new world based on energy and he threw himself into it fully.

During this time Ted went through an intense purification of old limitations and behavior patterns that were no longer serving him. He developed a deeper connection with his feelings and his intuition, building a connection with his more feminine, sensitive and vulnerable nature.


Ted has trained in and facilitated numerous workshops and one-on-one counseling and healing sessions. He has completed 2500 hours of intensive transforming cellular memory training workshops around the world. Here he learnt to facilitate people on an intuitive and energetic level, working with each person to release old behavior patterns and trauma so they can move forward into a more expanded and joyful life.

Ted is originally from Limerick, Ireland and now lives in Panama with his wife Ciara. Their business Deliciously Light offers private counselling sessions, group workshops, life coaching and relationship guidance.

For further information please visit deliciouslylight.org



Anna Karina Gutierrez has been practicing yoga (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Kundalini) for twenty years and teaching for fourteen. She directs Panama Yoga and Retreats Panama. Anna Karina is a graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s in Communications. She has also been studying Astrology fot the past fourteen years.



Brian Matzke began his yoga journey at a very young age with Siddha yoga. Having a background in college athletics and being educated in the health field, he brings a well rounded knowledge to his practice and teaching. He started his asana practice with Bikram yoga and then evolved to the Barkan method. Being a native of New Orleans but spending the majority of his time in New Mexico, Brian’s classes are infused with so much love. He says his heart is touched by all styles of yoga so he wants to share his heart with his students.

His first teaching experience began in Puerto Rico and his education has been influenced by Jimmy Barkan, Pradeep Teotia, Sean Corn, Johnny Kest, and Rolf Gates, and many more. As Brian always says ‘our teachers are everywhere’, Brian travels to teacher trainings and workshops worldwide with a never-ending thirst for knowledge to share with his students. Students say after a class with Brian, they walk out with this feeling of deep spiritual connection. His classes will invigorate you with his Yang energy and ground you with his Yin flow. He works as a fire fighter and spends a great deal of time traveling the world and practicing his yoga off the mat.

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