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January 16, 2017




January 16h, 2017, Issue #22

 Just as today we celebrate Dr. King´s day, what you remember of him : His persistency, unapologetical and courageous skills to tell truth despite of his times. Those are the same qualities you will be asked to use to Come out of the Closet in whatever area you have been a bit gray these days …  Use it to your advantage, it will be worth the Case !

Remember all of those who have done so (for me John Lennon is such a similar force and to think of him and Yoko Ono can bring also that power of being KIND yet FIRM into what you do want )


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My mom is obsessed with this new Netflix Show called ¨The designated Survivor¨ where there is a catastrophe that happens at the White House and suddenly this survivor has to become president. I have to say that just like any good show, it hooks you up pretty fast, specially because the whole topic is very Hot right now. But if I am talking about it is because there was a moment that sticked to me when the first lady handling all sorts of issues grabs her teenager son who happens to be in trouble and tells him  ¨You know, the white house didn’t bring all of these problems… we brought them here with us.¨

In life something similar happens, we believe that we are miserable because of our life events. I have asked many people that come to be happier, and most of the time I keep listening if´s. Like this super nice man, saying that he would be happy if his wife hadn’t cheated on him; another lady saying that she would be happier if she hadn’t had that thyroid issue this year… and the list goes on. We keep postponing our TRUE priorities without paying attention to the messages we send to the universe.

The Universe works like a matrix, and listens directly to your thoughts. If you keep saying that PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS are for later (until you accomplish being perfect, being skinny, being loyal, being wealthier…etc) that is what will happen. The problem is that usually there is no arrival or finishing line for the mind and ego always want more. So the peace, love and happiness might never make it, unless you take control and responsibility for what there is. And that is the NOW.

I had an event yesterday morning, as I wake up and go to my car, I find a broken window and a bunch of things stolen. Obviously this created tension within me, but I didn’t realize until a couple of hours later as I had to SOLVE SOLVE SOLVE. Here in Panama that solving can take hours so imagine, I was tense and sad for a lot of those hours. . . but deep inside of me I knew that this was the whole lesson. Nothing should take over our inner peace… but we are beings of attachment and that is where we must focus and give love.

I realized yesterday that there is work to be done within me and in the majority of us. In reality events happen to us so that we can evolve and a day like today when we celebrate the struggle of someone like Marthin Luther King, you must remember that to be a revolutionary is an amazing act of truth and courage, but it has responsibility of KINDNESS too so that you can see beyond what is happening and that ultimately when you observe your darkness – you give it LOVE – instead of fighting it or reasoning with it.

There are very useful techniques for Rising Above the Ocassions, our priorities on Retreats is to give those to you so that you can take them and live the art of Mindfulness and Yoga in your Real Life.

With Love & Light,





Monday, January 16 is MLK Day, honoring the heroic humanitarian whose mission for equality is more relevant than ever in 2017. In his words, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

When Aquarius Season begins on the 19th, we’ll be less concerned with our individual accomplishments and more tuned in to what’s best for the collective whole. (And just in time for Saturday’s Women’s March on D.C. where we will proudly be representing!) Embrace the activist spirit—it’s time to get involved in something bigger than ourselves.


Get out and adventure


¨The cannabis industry is where the natural beauty industry was ten years ago—underdeveloped and misunderstood. I want to help cannabis become a mainstream, beautifully designed wellness product.¨

¨Cannabis has been a big part of my life—I am proud to say that I was the biggest cannabis supporter at Harvard Business School. I believe cannabis helped me get accepted to Harvard Business School, and it certainly helped me graduate and figure out what is next. When I finished business school, I looked in the mirror and realized it was finally time to come out of the cannabis closet… ¨

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Chia pudding


For Lovely MORNINGS …. or evenings. I believe Breakfast should humbly always be served as the MAIN COURSE!

We filled our Cups with some Nature´s Best Goodness here, using the SUPER FOODS best resources to Keep Up fast & yum : To satisfy our inner God/Goddess the right way!

Whatever you want to do with this bars, you can serve this at any time of the day with NO GUILT, SHAME or REGRETS… Always !

Avocado and Egg Sandwich with Super Seed Bread

Rich and delicious, this simple sandwich made with seed bread is loaded with all the nutrients your body needs to support a healthy activity.

Keep Reading Recipe & Instructions, Click Here

Enjoy & Be Love !


Bocas for Dreamers


When I first started to walk the path of the Shaman, a whole world began to unfold before me; a world I already knew deep within my soul but had completely forgotten. I began to remember how we are all connected through invisible threats and magical interactions which occur apart from our conscious awareness (most of the time). There’s a spirit, an essence, to everything there is. To the tree which shadows our lovely moments in nature, to water, earth and sun. There’s a spirit in every rock, in every leaf in every animal. Through shamanism I remember all of these seemingly inactive beings, have a story, wisdom and medicine to share. Through this path I inevitably fell in love with serving others. I began treating patients doing energy healing medicine, meditations and card readings.

Shamans in the Andes, life in complete connectedness to nature around them. They believe they are constantly observed by the Apus (mountains) and constantly held and energised by Pachamama (the earth and the network of living beings living on it). They use numerology, astrology, herb medicine, meditation and energy clearings to continue a harmonious interaction between them and their environment. Shamanic traditions also recognise the sacredness of women and feminine energy all together.

As women we have the gift of receptiveness. We hold the mission now to be the creators of a new earth. They believe women are a portal that can bring in a soul which is disincarnate and create a body from scratch for it. Through our loving compassion, our creative capacities and powerful intuition we get to heal ourselves and others. We are all medicine women at heart and I would love for us all to remember that. As women we are gifted with silvery glitter in our blood and sparkles in our eyes which are capable of seeing a world others may not and begin creating it. We are ready to reconnect with our magic, with our inner power and with our innate VIP pass into the spirit world. As women we hold the key to the life we desire to have, it’s only a matter of believing it.

My mission here, now, is through the love in my heart, guide all those seekers to their own inner temples of truth. I invite you to the experience we have created to have you awaken that inner power within you which may be laying dormant. Through our “Heal Thyself – Woman Retreat” in Bocas del Toro, we aim to assist you through powerful sisterhood, connection to nature and medicine (in the form of Kundalini Yoga and Andean Shamanism). I personally hope to share this experience with you and hope to connect through this magical weekend. 

Katie McLaughlin


I follow My heart

To succed at anything, you must love it, and only you can know what you love. If you go against your inner messages, trying to succeed at a career, project or else that you do not love just to please others, you will lose your sense of joy and aliveness. Decide that you will do whatever you are receiving the impulse to dowith your life, even if you do not seehow there can be any money or instant glory in it. If it feels right, honors your integrity, and brings you joy, do it. Success comes when you follow your heart ▽.

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There are no excuses for not acting upon your dreams. Some of you blame others for your inability to act on your dreams, saying. ¨I am not free; my husband or my wife will not let me; I have too many responsibilities to my children or parents.¨ If you keep telling yourself why you cannot have what you want, you will not have it. . . 

Untap your unlimited possibilities Today !

BEGIN TO TELL YOURSELF WHY YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT. There are always actions you can take right now to make your dreams become a reality. You always have a choice, for no matter how boxed in or trapped you feel by any situation, there is always a way out.


Take a moment to think about what you would love to do with your life. (Now answer very honestly the next questions, it is better if you write everything down now)

  • Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to do it, or to help you out before you begin?
  • If so are you willing to give yourself permission to do what you want ? DO SO NOW.
  • Are you holding back because someone in your life does not support what you want to do ?

The process of discovering your life´s work and learning to believe in yourself enough to act upon your inner messages is just as important as doing the work. If someone came along and handed everything to you, you would not have the strength that comes from doing it yourself. You are the captain of the ship; your success comes from you.

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We took the best articles and recipes here for you so that you can take advantage in the best way of this great period.

N A M A S T E,

The Yorepa Team


¨Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe¨

Lao Tzu

Take the Cool Vibes of this Album, inspired on our last trip to Hawaii. Filled with Ukulele and Good Messages this music truly changes your vibe the same as affirmations but also the power of music acts as a thunder infusing you even stronger and all around. Listen to it while on traffic or while chilling at home, get your vibes GOOD from the start of the week ! N a m a s t e!

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