December 2018


This women’s gathering is yoga & wellness retreat that started more than 7 years ago in the name of our most needed work… the female goddess. Yogi Bhajan and many other saints knew very well how powerful the Adi Shakti is – and more than any other time on earth, this is the moment when healing and nurturing mother earth and our females is the most important. We began to work with women rituals and the most basic healing works from the lands, incorporating thy foods, the circles of trust, and the yogic sciences… This was our first retreat and it is engraved in our hearts to work for the peace & wellness of our women tribe. It stroke us to work with women because it made US realize how much BEAUTY we could bring to women but also that this makes way to healing our men as well. We are one and this retreat is made to love & empower each other as human beings.

‘Heal Thyself’ is a a very important calling to all WOMEN ! for all of us awaken and to understand that we are not competing with anyone, and more than that – together we can heal our very own planet and our own selves.

Katherine Croston
Katie Mclaughlin
Michelle Hardie



Katie McLaughlin is a shamanic healer, who’s mission is to guide, help and assist people in the process of reconnecting to their inner power, intuition and source of infinite love within.

Her gentle approach will serve you in personalised ways to leave retreat feeling vibrant, expansive and completely in sync with your natural cycles. She’s a student of Peruvian Shamanism, Metaphysical Sciences and a Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist.

Through her studies and kind words she aims to be a helping hand in whatever process help is required, lovingly and gently.



$980 Shared Room/ pp
$1,300 Single Rroom / pp

*Email love@yorepa.com for rates shorter than a week!

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We carry out women circles in which we practice trust, respect and the true art of listening. We let go of whatever is holding us back and take new lessons for BRAND NEW Beginnings.

We practice Yoga

Eat green & lively Food that helps us nourish, vibrate re-connect with nature

We Meditate to CONNECT to our Vision & Trust our Intuition

Nature and Moon Connection happen naturally and also because we plan every retreat around the moon cycle. Ask us for NEW MOON or FULL MOON Specials.

Live from our deepest authenticity and JOY


Lodging at the Beautiful Coco Hill Jungle Lodge, Bastimentos

Workshops & Daily Yoga Classes by Katherine

Cacao Plant Ceremony & Plant Medicine

Thai Massage Stretch

Native Ceremonies to Awaken your Soul

Healing Shamanic Daily Sessions by Kathie

All Organic and Local Delicious Food to make you Detox and Feel Beautiful

Women Circles

Red Tent for Lunar Cycle balance


–  When we give support to other women we not only encourage but heal each other thou make us much happier.

–  There is a lot of work needed for the feminine to heal, lots of forgiveness and compassion to get rid of old judgement that our own past experiences have built.

–  It is up to us to be ready to let go and when we do, we feel much lighter and stronger at the same time.

“Don’t define her by the way she looks or the clothes she wears. Her beauty is far greater than what meets the eye. Look at her heart and the river of love that flows from within her. Adore her for being the goddess she is. Fall in love with her soul and she will guide you to understand the sacred ways of your heart.” OM – Daniel Nielsen


07:00AM Morning Smoothie + Tea
08:30AM Yoga AM Class to soothe your senses
10:00AM Light Breakfast: Fruits, Home Made Granola, Nut Milks, Dried Fruits
10:30PM Nature Related Activity or Leisure Time
02:00PM Lunch: Vegan Lunch prepared by Michelle Hardie (amazing vegan chef & goddess)
03:00PM Free Time
05:00PM Yoga PM Class (energetic work) + Shamanic Ritual or Meditation to get into your native spirit
07:00PM Vegan Dinner: Some examples are: Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup with Raw Rolled Veggie Wraps then Rest Time and Sleep


It is difficult to express in a few words what you can feel when you visit the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Only some places around the world keep this particular atmosphere, seductive, primitive and unforgettable. Bocas del Toro captivates its visitors because of its amazing vegetation, its biodiversity, its ancients customs: it is a real biological fantasy…

This is the ideal moment to visit these islands, to time travel and get lost in one of the hundreds of wonderful places that you can enjoy. It is a unique place to find yourself; its lush tropical vegetation, fauna only found in this part of the world, opportunities for diving and snorkeling the unbeatable Caribbean ocean, the possibilities and opportunities for an amazing experience are unbound. With an indescribable and overwhelming natural beauty, added to the great combination of races and ethnicities, living in harmony with indigenous, Western Caribe peoples, Latino’s and extraneros, Bocas del Toro is not just a beautiful archipelago lost in time, blessed by nature — Bocas del Toro is an example of coexistence and multi-cultural respect for everyone. Welcome to Bocas del Toro archipelago …..you will be amused and amazed, tempted beyond belief and for certain you will to take with you priceless memories of a different world. Enjoy your life….. Enjoy Bocas del Toro! Welcome to an unforgettable vacation.

For more info bocasdeltoro.travel



Each Jungalow is private and wonderfully comfortable. A large double bed with hand crafted mosquito net to ensure cool breezes while you sleep, and four screen sliding doors opening to create the effect of living in the trees. A wrap-around balcony with a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea and the south side of Isla Colon, complete with hammock to laze away the afternoon. Elegant bathroom with HOT WATER shower that is large enough to hold a party, opens onto the verandah and also has a fantastic water view. Wifi is available throughout the property, including Jungalows.


The gardens are all organic and are filled to over-flowing with tropical fruits, vegetables, nuts & herbs. The many birds that inhabit it, along with the famous 3 toed sloths, make it peaceful and serene. Guests have access to our hang out area, the gardens, and our Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant. Wizard beach is only a 30 min walk away and Up In The Hill Chocolate Farm only 7 min.

The path can sometimes get muddy when it rains, so we have an umbrella and gum boots for you to use. Although we have our own lights on the path down to the town of Old Bank we also have flashlights for you.

Coco Hill is also LBGTQI friendly.


We are a mother and son team and together with our faithful dog, Coco, our chickens Henny, Penny & Layla, Chiquita & the rest of the girls, along with our goats, Hilly & Frankie we are always here and available. Living on-site gives the opportunity for a lot of guest interaction, and we become family.

There will always be some kind of tour or activity going on… Whether it’s taking the boat to Isla Pajaros or going over to Red Frog Beach to hang out with our friends at Palmar Tent Lodge, it’s always a great day.


Isla Bastimentos is the largest of the islands in the Archipielago De Bocas Del Toro. Surrounded by the Caribbean Ocean, Bastimentos, with it’s distinctive Jamaican feel has no roads, so no cars.

The people here are characters. Of West Indian descent, they are warm & friendly with that relaxed Caribbean vibe. Loud music, laughter & Gali-Gali (a mix of Spanish-English Creole that is native to the island) can be heard as you walk around the town of Old Bank. They love a good time and celebrations are taken seriously! Be prepared to be invited in for a drink & something to eat.

Walk through lush tropical jungles, where sloths lazily hang from trees, to reach amazing beaches. The brightly coloured but poisonous, Red Dart frog is also found here. Hiding amongst leaf litter and inside the well of Bromeliads, it’s toxic skin is attributed to a diet rich in formicine ants.

The Parque Nacional Marino de Bastimentos was Panama’s first marine park. Established in 1988, it protects various areas of the Bocas Del Toro archipelago including parts of Bastimentos & the Cayos Zapatillas.

Diving or snorkelling the coral reefs and mangroves is an unforgettable experience. A multitude of starfish of various shapes & colours are just below the surface of the clear blue waters. Soft corals and sponges fill the calm, warm waters known as the Galapagos of the Caribbean.

With 4 of the world’s 8 species of sea turtles; loggerheads from April to September, leatherbacks in May & June, hawksbills in July & green turtles in July & August coming ashore to nest, it truly is paradise.

The Ngobe-Bugle village is at the end of a long canal cut through the mangrove forest. Living in wooden, thatched roofed huts with no electricity or running water, the indigenious villagers still practice subsistence farming.Travelling to nearby islands is by hand-crafted canoes. There is a school and a handicrafts store where hand made colourful woven bags & jewellery can be bought.

Surf??? Basti has it all; reef breaks, beach breaks, incredible waves!

That dream of paradise is real and it’s here on Bastimentos where life is ever rushed. So, grab your swimsuit & toothbrush, leave your ‘hurries’ at home and step into island life!


There are always boats running between Isla Bastimentos, Isla Caranero, and Isla Colon for between $1-$3 per person. Boats to Red Frog Beach are $5 per person. These rates go up after 7pm.

$980 Double Shared Jungle Lodge/ Deposit $500
$1300 Single Room Jungle Lodge/ Deposit $500

To book retreat make $500 deposit through paypal to secure your spot.


Wire transfer is also available at:

Katherine Croston
Savings Account

The remaining balance is due two months in advance.

Cancellation Policy – Read Carefully

If you cancel your registration 3 months before, your payment will be refunded.

If you cancel your registration 2 months before, we will refund 50% of your payment.

Within the same month, all payments are final and will not be refunded.

For more questions ask us to our email


YOGA Retreats in Panama reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of YOGA Retreats in Panama (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups) we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds.


Healthy, delicious vegetarian, 100% organic & local Juices & meals will be provided using locally grown organic fruit and vegetables on every yoga retreat. Health and nutrition expert including Katherine Croston, part of the Yoga Retreats in Panama team will create the recipes used during this Retreat. All meals are based on the principles of good nutrition, health and good taste.

There is no meat or fish on the yoga retreats menu. All the food is vegetarian although we are open to accommodate different diet needs upon requests, please let us know about your needs. We use seasonal and local products that you will be amazed at, so we do not have a specific menu to offer before retreat… but you can trust us on this one that it will be a very important part of retreat ! YUM.

February is one of the most beautiful months in Panama, at the highest peak of the summer and although that sounds like lots of harsh sun, bocas keeps its tropical climate almost year round and you could still enjoy some cooling rains while your visit.

High Waves are also character of this season, in case you are interested in learning how to surf we have good recommendations and we would pick a tour guide to take you around…most probably first to other beaches. But great season for beautiful endless summer days 🙂

We can’t wait to see you and share some many new adventures with you. Namaste!

* February is also High Season in Panama, so make sure to reserve your spot with time :).

One of the best ways to explore Isla Colón is by ATV/quad bike, and the people at Flying Pirates, based on their own 600-hecatre finca (farm) on the way to Playa Bluff, can oblige. They rent out more than 30 of the fat-tired vehicles for use on or off-road, including 15km of trails on private land. The beach is off-limits.

You’ll be transported to and from downtown Bocas. There’s an information and booking truck in the center. Free beers and hot showers included after your day out.

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This Spanish-language school, with branches in Boquete and Panama City, has a solid reputation. It offers a Spanish for Travelers course that lasts four hours and costs US$55. Classrooms are air-conditioned. Special rates available on lodging in its own dorms and in private rooms with host families.

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Give and Surf directly serves a population of over five hundred Ngobe community members living in the communities of Bahia Roja, Bahia Honda, and Solarte. These impoverished, remote communities survive mainly off subsistence living without electricity, running water, clean drinking water, and bathroom facilities. The area is provided insufficient government education for grades 1st-6th and has a limited number of resources and opportunities for prosperity.

For these reasons Give & Surf aims to provide substantive, hands-on, real world assistance and programs to a hundred and thirty children ages three to sixteen. Give & Surf has constructed and developed two schools in Bahia Honda and Bahia Roja that provide the following: a daily preschool and kindergarten, summer school, surf outreach mentorship program, after school program, Adult and Elementary School english programs, music program, and community development initiatives. Give & Surf and its supporters also sponsor the continued education of thirty students through a sponsorship program that provides the necessary transportation and school supplies needs of students ages 13-18.

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Island Hop for a Few Days or More

Since Bocas it’s an archipelago and there are tons of things to do around the different islands, we truly recommend that if you are staying longer to take a day or two to island hop. Did you know that the majority of the locals know how to drive boats but very few drive cars? So Cool !

Destinations include Isla Carenero (US$1), Isla Bastimentos and Isla Solarte (US$5) and Red Frog Beach (US$8). Scheduled boats leave for Almirante (20 minutes, US$6) every half-hour. Staff is trained in safe boating and sustainable-tourism practices.

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While Bocas it’s a pretty small place to be, there are so many GOOD and varied options to eat out and most of them you will find to be absolutely different and in gorgeous settings.


One of the best restaurants in Bocas town, this mellow North American–run place on the edge of the sea specializes in Caribbean and seafood dishes, with fare such as red curry calamari and miso-crusted grouper on the chalkboard. Service is friendly and the tranquil location makes it a great spot for a quiet, romantic dinner.

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