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February 7, 2017




February 7th, 2017, Issue #24


As we approach the full moon in Leo this Friday what a better way to let your Lion out than expressing your true self and getting naked at some place you feel pretty damn comfortable ? If you have been thinking about it, this is it. 🙂

I believe nudity is taking a come back for several reasons, and they might be seriously 90% all good, as if that exists but I mean, truly these kind of ideas might liberate us all -finally- from judgement, racism and negative /psychotic sexual conditions.

First of all I am talking about NUDE as being naked . I am not talking about being provocative or vulgar, because behind the intention of how you do anything you could be either one of those.

So for example when I started being around California and experiencing nakedness as a way of liberation from the “minds concepts” and appreciation for ourselves rather than anything else, my whole idea but also presence around my nakedness did too. When I took the idea of going nude was not as an exhibitionist or trying to make myself be noticed in any sexual way, it is quite the opposite, it has been because in a way I was sick and tired of my own constant judgement of my physical curves or too much fat or too bulgy or if he is looking at me or is she hahaha and thats it !  What better way to expose you than just fucking freeing yourself! Believe me, unless you are Kate Moss very few people feel good when they are naked. So it definitely comes from getting out of the comfort zone and walking out of the front door the old concepts that only keep making you a sexual object. So, cheers to that! free yourself get naked.

Here are our favourite festivals around #free #conscious #naked #culture

I always TRY to remember to tell people during that come to our retreats that one of the KEYS to happiness I learned the most from was: Replace judgement with curiosity. Judgement brings judgement no matter if your judging for good or bad, if you want to be free from the paranoia, you need to stop labelling and tagging everything in your mind: its a disease believe me. So, there are times that you go naked for that too, when you have the chance to visit a group of native people that have nakedness in their culture, its so freaking beautiful because they do embrace that and when they dance for example you feel like inside of a temple because you can breathe liberation and that tastes also like ecstasies to the soul.

When you decide to go naked, infuse it with the intention to see yourself not as a sexual object but a divine being of GOD, see how these practices change you only to elevate you , not to lower any vibration.

A few for your Naked experience could be:

  • Do it ONLY with conscious people that you know are seeking to vibrate purity, seek for elders that have done this before they are the coolest ! 🙂
  • Write an intention list to what you wish to be free from, concepts, your own ideas, anger, frustration, any blockage in your relationship, etc. And dedicate your nakedness to that.
  • To loving and accepting everyone as they are, be sensitive to knowing that everyone that is doing it has walked forward the path of self criticism and is choosing love instead. So respect them as you do the same for yourself.

& Obviously have fun with it ! Let us know 🙂 Namaste !

Oh boy, I had fun with this article 🙂 Happy Full Moon ☽




¨Leo represents the King of the jungle, so it is likely that this Eclipse energy will allow you to stand up and take ownership of your life so you can become the Queen or King of your own jungle.”

“If something needs to be gone from your life, if something needs to come to an end, this Eclipse is going to set the wheels in motion.

2016 was very much a year of endings. Endings are necessary in order to make way for the new and this Lunar Eclipse is like the final purge of 2016.1

Whatever you needed to let go of, whatever changes you needed to make, this Eclipse is going to ensure that it happens.”


Get out and adventure



Wahe Guru.

This is the mantra of ecstasy because you have found your beloved, and that meaning yourself. When you take that mantra and speak it during the day, while you drive, take a shower, cook … just put it in your mind and you will experience a higher state of happiness and lots of other things. 🙂


By Ram Dass


The only way you can keep you heart open is by living simultaneously on more than one plane of consciousness. When I was in India, there was a time in Bangladesh when things were just falling apart, and I wanted to take my VW and use it as an ambulance. My guru didn’t tell me to or not to, but he saw how agitated I was, and he said, “Ram Dass, don’t you see it’s all perfect?” and I said “Perfect?!” – I was outraged because people were dying and suffering.

My self-righteousness was outraged. How could it be perfect if people were being violated, and there is injustice?

Yet he would cry over the suffering, and he would do things to alleviate suffering, so I began to try to embrace the paradox of the planes of consciousness, in which there are inconsistencies. It involves the evolution of the individual soul through all kinds of learning experiences that involve suffering and death, but if you are looking at it through the eyes of your separateness, through your individual rational mind, it becomes a trap where you cannot see that it is all simultaneously perfect and it stinks.

Vegan Festival Food



Think about it, people that go to festivals is kind of passionate and very intense haha, I am on of those believe me…, any how for better or worse we make things good lol. I have tried the best food in these type of events than ever.

So one of the key pointers to making food in gatherings is that you must focus on the local ingredients and on super foods too. Because you don’t have much space and resources you have to do good food planning.

Specially us, when we go to retreats we cook everything and make sure to use only the best including there the whole vibration of the earth and her healing. Food truly also tastes better when I cook on retreats than home, I believe it has to do with everyone’s energy and the love that we put in everything (that has always been the ingredient) but really our Food is SO GOOD that we started a book with our recipes and yoga with stories and lots of Love. While you wish us luck, we also want to tell you that you can start cooking these awesome recipes already, one of my favourite super food products that always make it is PURPLE RICE. You can almost make anything out of this and tastes awesome.

Try this favourite recipe that is easy, yummy and not expensive to make


Bocas for Dreamers
Group Meditation
by Katherine Croston

Even though meditating alone in your corner has super reaped benefits, the group meditations can be as or more transformational for some. The tribe truly has for me a deep meaning, to experience the oneness in each other we get to truly practice not only on the mat but in the constant giving and receiving of flow and love.
While I can give you so many examples of meditations you could do in a group, you should go and check them out for yourself. The magic of retreats, is that we get to work so much on ourselves that eventually everyone around the playa is smiling and feeling the good vibes. To be in a group, a clan or tribe is all about bringing the best in each other and empowering like that our planet.

When you go to group meditations have in mind that some are guided with amazing music, some of them are meant to be in silence, and in Kundalini for example some are interactive. . . there is  whole variety. Be open, thats the key to open your heart.

If you wish to practice this with friends, a group of colleagues or your loved one. Here is a few that I love the most and are supposed to make you feel connected and good.

Third Eye Meditation

Known as a Spinal Meditation in Ipsalu Kriya Yoga, this meditation technique opens the Crown Chakra (top of the head) and the Third Eye Chakra (middle of the forehead) to receive divine energy. It also activates a circuit of energy up and down the spine, opening awareness to the heavens, while maintaining a connection to the Earth.

Come into a comfortable seated position. Feel your sit bones at the base of your pelvis and your legs touching the cushion and floor below you. If sitting in a chair, feel your feet on the floor.

Inhale and lengthen your spine. Imagine a string is pulling the top of your head toward the sky. Exhale and reach your tailbone toward the Earth, while maintaining that length in your spine. You can imagine your tailbone is a taproot connecting with the heart of the Earth. Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Continue to breathe easily and naturally.

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and imagine a golden ball in front of just above your eyebrows, in the center of your forehead (your third eye). Inhale through your nose, roll the ball over the top of your head (crown), down the spine to your tailbone, chanting the word “hung” in your mind.

Exhale through your nose, rolling the ball back up the spine, over your head to your forehead (third eye), and chant “sau” (sounds like “saw”) on inhalation.

This chant means, “I am that” or “I am.”

By chanting this mantra you are affirming your True Self as one with the Earth and the Divine.

Start by doing this practice for five minutes daily and add more time each time you sit, building up to 20 minutes each day.


Tantric Kriyas for Couples

A beautiful work you can do, which we practice a lot in gatherings, retreats and festivals is couple work and since st valentines is around the corner we might all reconsider the idea of,  TRUE love is. Honestly, if we were all connected to the pureness of it, the world and ourselves we wouldnt be in such chaos the whole time.

So in order to love, we must deepen ourselves into it. Here is one of our favorite ways to work in duo. Happy February !

“Because sacred sex is one of the most powerful human experiences, it is important that anyone considering developing a relationship in which to practice sacred sex assimilates the following principles into his or her life:

The first principle: Develop your relationship with that infinite being or God in you first, allowing it to be the core of your identity.” ▽.

﹋﹌♂♀ ♥♡☜☞☎ ☏⊙◎☺☻

Read More and Get to Excercise This Tonight

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We took the best articles and recipes here for you so that you can take advantage in the best way of this great period.

N A M A S T E,

The Yorepa Team


¨Music in the Soul can be heard by the Universe¨

Lao Tzu

I created this album with cool music to connect, dance, eat, pray and love … 🙂 Not neccesarily mantra music (my favvvvv) but a bit of celestial vibes and some cool moods for endless dancing nights. Perfect music to vibe in a festival or at your own gathering.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do, share it too !

Get Your Music

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