Tonight’s Full Moon Meaning | Death as “the Teacher” | The Ketosis Fad + Up-coming Retreats.

September 30, 2017




Tonight’s Full Moon Meaning | Death as “the Teacher” | The Ketosis Fad + Up-coming Retreats.

October 5th 2017, Issue #38

The Non-Complaining Challenge that has Changed my Life, Already.

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When we went to see Prem Baba, a Month ago, he suggested we all started to Not Complain. He said that this was the true way of supporting a massive planetary change and healing overall. I knew right away that this was to become my focus for a while, if not forever, I swear.

Something happens when you hear truth. You just cant escape from it, even if it bothers you because you are comfortable where you are at. I feel this is the main energy around this Full Moon, because its all about the Peace & War dilema inside of ourselves and therefore represented in the world.

“When you cant be grateful for anything, this is a sign for you to look deep within. There is always something to be grateful for.”

This is so dramatic! Sometimes we just focus wrong, we keep looking at the shut door while neglecting the ones that have just opened wide right in front on us.

I have been doing this challenge for a month and it has been mind-blowing to observe how many times I would have wanted to complain. Sometimes filling the blanks of conversations (showing me how empty these type of engagements are), but also the times where I would have had so many tangible facts to complain but as I Breathed deeply and let it go, how much I gained perspective and also how my EGO evolved around the fact I didnt complain again…

The Times have come when we must take responsibility. And this is GOOD, not bad. This is good because it is all there is and we can re-shape our world. Start with yourself, right now. Dont Complain please.

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The Stars Today :
Full Moon in Aries

Moon opposite Mercury involves communicating your feelings. Scrambled or polarized thinking is the potential downside, where you find it difficult to make sense of everyday problems. This can result in arguments caused by emotional bias or just simple lack of understanding. Other influences on your thinking may include addiction, racism and prejudice. Sensitive discussion topics and negotiations will be very difficult over the next two weeks.



Native Spirit
Cleanse Yourself

Increase your energy, your sex drive and sleep better !

In short, this diet is perfect whether you want to reverse or prevent disease, lose weight, break a weight-loss plateau, or any combination of the above! Whether you’re focusing on alkaline foods or doing a traditional ketogenic diet, these five hacks will optimize and upgrade your plan:

1. Bump up alkaline foods.

Those include green leafy veggies like kale, beet greens, spinach, chard, and a great-tasting veggie-blend powder. Don’t forget to drink plenty of toxin-flushing filtered water!

2. Eliminate acidic foods.

You might love alcohol, coffee, and dairy, but they can knock you out of an alkaline state. That doesn’t mean you’ll never eat them again (I love my dark chocolate), but you’ll need to ditch them temporarily as you shift into alkaline territory. If in doubt, check your Keto pH urine test strips to find out if you’re actually alkaline.

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Yoga & Surf TRIPIN’
Venao. Noviembre. 2017

Yoga & Surf Retreat

Try your best to avoid negative people and negative influence. Only trust people you really know so you do not fall victim to lies, deception, fraud or gossip. It is important to keep up positive self-esteem but there is always a balancing act with these quincunx aspects. Too much pride would lead to a fall, just as too much self-pity will lead to failure.

Death: The Greatest Teacher

By Ben Moore

It’s the ultimate twist: awareness of death is the secret of life. It makes us more loving, appreciative, and wise. Judy Lief explains why death is the ultimate teacher and how to learn its lessons.

“Awareness of death reminds me not to be idle. It reminds me to invest my energy in what truly matters.”

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Women Retreats 2018

Women Gatherings

A FULL moon ☽ ritual for Tonight

Ahh, la bella luna. The moon, in all its radiant beauty, is the closest celestial body to Earth. The 28 day lunar cycle, the energetic ebb and flow as the moon waxes and wanes, has a profound effect on us all – especially energetically sensitive souls.

Many people with chronic illnesses report that their physical and emotional symptoms increase with the full moon. When I was very ill with Lyme disease, I also experienced this phenomenon. The cyclical symptom increase caused me to temporarily lose appreciation for the beauty of the full moon and to dread its overwhelming energetic force. Then a shift in perspective helped me recognize the full moon as a perfect time to clear all that emotional and physical junk that surfaced. When something is activated, it’s usually the best time to acknowledge, release, and heal it. . . (Click Here for More)

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