NOVEMBER 23-29th, 2018


If you have never been to Venao, Panamá, you are in for a treat. If you are returning for your second time, or your 20th time, you will understand the call of this magical place. The Surf Boho Chic Culture & Beach will be the home for a week of yoga, surf, meditation, relaxation, and top line FUN.

Katherine Croston

Leonela Leal

Kundalini, Bhakti Vinyasa & Acro Yoga

About Leonela

Leonela has dedicated her life to work on the dynamics of movement. Her parents encouraged her passion for gymnastics, whose art she rediscovered with the introduction of Yoga. Inspired by Love and energetic work, this connection resulted in a multidimensional therapeutic path. She became one of AcroYoga’s youngest certified teachers. Curious to expand in her practice, she also dedicated to the various meditation approaches and Thai Massage therapies. Exploring various styles of these wonderful practices, she feels that expression through movement is liberating and healing. Faithfully believe that each day is a gift and your vocation is to share this feeling.

Early Bird Shared (Until October 1st, 2017) $1,100

Early Bird Private (Until October 1st, 2017) $1,500

Regular Price. Double Room (Shared ) $1,400

Private Room $1,900

Hostel Option $800 (Great Option for Travellers:)


*Email love@yorepa.com for rates shorter than a week!

& More pricing information


Daily meditation sessions

Enjoy your First Surf Class on us and all the rest at discounted Rates!

Yoga classes with Katherine Croston, Carolina Lescure & Kasia Kord from Canada

Authentic Thai Massage complimentary for You

6 nights accommodation

Daily healthy & delicious meals prepared by Us

7 day(s) with instructions

English & Spanish


6 nights accommodation

Transportation from Panama City to Venao (Monday) and Back on Sunday

Daily healthy organic & Local meals

Daily meditation sessions

2 Daily Yoga sessions

Your First Surf Comprehensive Session


When me and my partner Sofia moved 6 years ago to this Area of Panama, we completely fell in love with Venao. There was something about its simplicity that the City never gave us & we really wanted to learn. Not much time passed so that we learned about the Love of Home Cooking, Home reading, long walks on the beach and splurging some days on a few beers out in the local bar. We engaged in new activities of course such as learning how to Surf…


The fun part of all is that We still don´t know how to Surf, and maybe never will, but also accepting that is part of the big lesson Surf has on us. There is a lot of surrendering to do with Nature and the Waves of the Ocean are to me a mirror of our own life.

I never forget Pema Chodron saying that life will always come and hit us like a big wave, but the magic started right there when you can watch the sky from above, all full of sand up to your ears and eyes, and still be able to come back up… and surely have a great laugh.

There is so much related between Surf and Yoga, and they both add so much into each other. Surf gave me back that playfulness that we sometimes as Yogis. Yoga gives to the flowy Surf some balance and both together make great lovers.

This retreat is not about becoming a professional Surfer or a Professional Yogis, is not about riding the biggest wave or achieving a strenuous head stand, but it is about your flow through life and also a lot about how much fun you are having in it.

I always try to remind myself to have some time and a space to dedicate to ME and to my inner child. Lets be wild and playful and come to play with us, get nurtured and smile.


We will be cooking and hosting all of our breakfast, lunch and dinners during Retreat. We cook with the finest local & Organic Ingredients to make out of your week the most amazing delicacy but also an experience where you will feel light, nourished and cleansed from the inside-out. We include Food and fresh Fruit Smoothies, alcohol is allowed in and you can always bring your own beers or wine to the common kitchen space.


07:00AM Waking Up Time to the Sounds of the Jungle

Smoothie and Teas will be offered

07:30AM Yoga Class
10:00AM Time for Surf or Leisure Time
10:30AM Leisure Time Around the House or Time for Personal Wandering
01:00PM Lunch

Leisure Time or Surf or Extra Activities you could choose such as Horse Back Riding Waterfall Hikes or Just Chilling Out!

04:00PM Yoga Afternoon Class
07:00PM Dinner Time
09:00PM Your own free time, get your early sleep going on or decide to look at the stars for a bit longer while you experience Venao Beach Town.


A 35 min flight to Pedasi from Panama City´s domestic airport or a 4.5 hours car-ride from Panama City, Venao Beach is one of Panama’s most beautiful beaches facing the big blue pacific ocean.

Coming to Venao you will leave dusty towns behind, entering the rolling hills of the southern tip of the Peninsula of Azuero. A curvy road will take you past cowboys and rice-fields to this beautiful beach full of sun, playa venao surf, and good times.

The Azuero Peninsula with its white-sand beaches, soft rolling hills, world class water sports is home to Panama’s most attractive small town- Pedasí­. A four hour drive from Panama City, Pedasí­ is the home base for world class surfing, diving and sport fishing. An increasing number of foreigners are moving to the area attracted by the beautiful scenery, friendly people with this special small town at the center of it all. The region is also famous for countries best Carnival celebrations in Las Tablas and as the cradle of Spanish colonial culture.

Pedasí­, the center of tourism activity in Azuero, benefited as the birth place of Panama’s only woman president Mireya Moscoso (1999-2004), who beautified the town and built the locals recreational and other facilities. Pedasí­ is now hands down Panama’s most attractive small town – low key, no ugly commercial signs and friendly where Panamanians hang out on their front porch at night and foreigners come and go to local restaurants, businesses and nearby beach, fishing and surfing venues.

The town has a good beach- Playa del Toro. Nearby activities include sport fishing, surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding and whale watching in season. Pedasí­ is 30 minutes from Venado Beach one of the best surfing beaches in Central America.

The Azuero Peninsula has attracted a small roster of celebrities, including Hollywood movie stars and the rich and famous who have bought large tracts of land as nature reserves, exclusive getaways or simply as investment properties. It has three upscale residential resort communities: Azueros and the beachfront communities of Andromeda and Costa Pedasí­.

Azuero is famous for religious festivals dating back to Spanish colonial times. Many towns have 17th and 18th century churches. It also is home to Panama’s best Carnival celebration in Las Tablas where thousands gather for a colorful, exhilarating and raucous event.

Countryside life in the Azuero Peninsula is largely unchanged since the turn of the century. Visitors relish the way life slows down as if one were traveling back in time. People are friendly and prices are low.

The town of Chitré on the way to Pedasí­ is good place to grocery shop and stock up on other supplies. It has large grocery and hardware stores, movie theaters, 3 star hotels, American fast food joints etc. Here the urban and traditional worlds comfortably mix. You’ll see both country people on horseback and businessman in SUVs talking intensely on cell phones.



Eco Venao is located at the tip of the bay overlooking all of Venao Beach.

Eco Venao offers relaxed eco chic accommodation like no other boutique hotel in Venao. Rooms are spacious, and all the amenities are Eco Friendly and Home Made in Panama with the finest ingredients. If you are looking to get away from it all, look no further. The retreat will be held down and across both our Casona and the Beach Town, which are just a 5 minute walk from each other.


The Retreat will be held inside one of the Main Houses Called La Casona. Here is where we will all be sleeping, if you chose to be inside a Deluxe Room.

Located on a prime hilltop, La Casona’s breathtaking view alone is priceless. The Colonial style architecture with high ceilings and thick walls combine luxury and solidity, inviting guests to feel comfortable and at home.

In order to look out over Playa Venao’s beautiful bay you may choose to simply lift your head up off the pillow, or step outside onto your own private terrace.

Common spaces include a comfortable living room, terraces in the front and back of the house, and lovingly landscaped gardens, bordered by bird of paradise blossoms.

The large fully equipped kitchen, in combination with the bold and magnificent dining table, is certain to inspire many enjoyable meals during retreat and where we will all nourish our holiday experience.

Depending on the amount of people we accommodate we also rent other houses around the same property that have the same facilities, but with some other different touches! All lovely and more adorable that the other one!


Eco Venao is proud to include Playa Venao’s original surfers hostel. It is the fruit of a restoration of the original 50 year-old farmhouse, which required vast amounts of patience and dedication. The time and love that has been put into the lodge can be felt the minute you enter it, and is often commented on by guests.

This Surfer Style Dormitory has sweet style bunk beds that can accommodate you for a more affordable experience. The cool wood structure and ceiling fans, along with comfortable quality mattresses make this the perfect resting place after a long day of Surfing, Yoga, horse-back riding, exploring, or simply having too much fun !

Wake up to the sound of howling monkeys and go to sleep with the hypnotizing sound of the waves rolling onto the sand right out front.

Check out our options for your stay at La Casona (more luxurious space), Private Casitas or inside the Hostel dorms. Either option is great and we are confident you will find something you like!

Double-Shared: $1,400
Single Private Room: $1,900

Hostel Option $800 You are welcome, Namasté !


Wire transfer is also available at:

Katherine Croston
Savings Account

The remaining balance is due two months in advance.

Cancellation Policy – Read Carefully

If you cancel your registration 3 months before, your payment will be refunded.

If you cancel your registration 2 months before, we will refund 50% of your payment.

Within the same month, all payments are final and will not be refunded.

For more questions ask us to our email


YOGA Retreats in Panama reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary by our team, trip leaders, teachers or partners. In the rare case of a cancellation on the part of YOGA Retreats in Panama (due to political unrest, dangerous weather, or low sign-ups) we will offer a transfer to another trip or a full refund of your funds.


Monday, from 1 p.m.

Sunday, before 12 p.m.


While the weather cannot be predicted, it is usually sunny and comfortable on the beach at Venao Beach. July, August, and September are the hottest months, while November, December, January, February & March are the breeziest, especially in the evenings. Tropical showers are expected in July-November, but they usually pass quickly, leaving clear blue skies, lots of warmth, and sunshine.


Wireless internet access is available at no extra cost for the duration of your stay.


A valid passport is required. If you do not have a valid passport, please speak with your airline carrier in advance or contact the embassy for additional info.

Please review the below document prior to your trip.

Additional Information PDF document.

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